Part 1 of 10 : Trafficking

I saw human trafficking mentioned many times this summer. Below is a list of easily verifiable facts that everyone should be aware of.

This issue has been mixed with a lot of misinformation. But it is not hard to separate truth from facts. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, and you don’t need a PhD to spot a liar.

I believe a world of peace and cooperation is possible, but not if we ignore problems and the elephants in the room. The human trafficking piece is one important aspect of a bigger picture.

1) Jimmy Saville — the well known TV presenter and DJ in England who worked for decades at the BBC.

He received many awards include an OBE in 1971 (Order of the British Empire), and was knighted in 1990. He was also honored with a Papal knighthood in 1990 by the pope.

After his death he was accused of over 400 acts of pedophilia and sexual abuse by 300 or so victims. Reports had been made for years to the BBC and law enforcement about his behavior, but for some reason, Jimmy Saville was never arrested and seemed to be completely protected from prosecution for any of his crimes.

Jimmy Saville spent Chrismas with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on numerous occasions. Jimmy Saville was on very friendly relations with the Royal Family of Brittan, and was seen regularly at the palace. When Prince Charles and Lady Diana were having marital issues, Saville was brought in as a marriage counselor.

2) Belguim, 1996–300,000 people wore white and gathered in the streets to demand justice for the children that were being kidnapped, trafficked and murdered. No justice was served. After death threats and coming to work in an armored car, the original judge who seemed committed to actually investigating the case, was removed due to a technicality. The main investigator was also removed, and was replaced by investigators that harassed the victims and pressured them to recant their testimony.

The press, at first sympathetic to the victims, was then used smear the victims and defend Jean- Michel Nihoul, a man accused by the victims and Marc Dutroux of running a child abuse network that involved prominent business titans, government officials, and royalty. Nineteen people die during the case, many of them witnesses before they have a chance to testify. One witnesses decides to commit suicide “by lighting themselves on fire in their bedroom” the day before they are supposed to appear in court. In the end, one lower-level criminal, Marc Dutroux, is blamed for everything, and the entire network is simply never investigated.

The BBC documentary by Olenka Frenkiel is a sterilized, but informative overview of the case.

3) In the United States… what began as in investigation of $40 million missing from a Nebraska savings and loan resulted in uncovering of a nationwide human trafficking/child prostitution ring. Fifteen people mysteriously die before they can testify or during the course of the proceedings. The lead investigator, Gary Caradori, blows up with his plane and young son after he picks up incriminating photos of perpetrators from photographer Rusty Nelson.

Fearing bodily harm or worse, the DA stops prosecuting the case. The FBI arrives — not to investigate — but to THREATEN THE VICTIMS. The young victims are told that they have to change their testimony, or they will be severely punished and jailed. One of the young victims, Troy Boner, recounts his testimony. He is dead within a year.

The other two victims of horrific crimes END UP IN JAIL, and the high-level perpetrators are never investigated. These three minors were involved in a much larger highly organized child- prostitution ring, and were flown around the country to be abused by wealthy and powerful people. One of the victims said he was brought to the White House after hours. The two remaining victims refuse to recant their testimony.

You can purchase book “The Franklin Cover-up” written by senator John de Camp or find a free PDF copy online. An easier read would be “The Franklin Scandal” by Nick Bryant.

Like the Dutroux case, the testimony from the victims sound like a horror movie. The things described are nearly unthinkable to most people.

Also see “Conspiracy of Silence” video produced by BBC for a general overview of the case. This program, made for the discovery channel, was never aired. It is posted in various places online.

4) These are not isolated incidents. There is a tremendous amount of collaborating testimony from many other victims, witnesses, whistle-blowers and psychologists. Similar things happened in my own hometown, and different people have come forward to me unsolicited, with similar stories.

Actually these stories regularly “break the surface”, but because they are not investigated, they are dismissed as unrelated incidents and not seen as twisted subculture that is regularly showing itself around the globe.

In Australia, Cardinal Pell, 3rd in charge at the Vatican, was arrested in 2018 for pedophilia. This is after he minimized the abuse by other priests for years.

In the US, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was called a “serial pedophile” by the judge in his court case in 2016. He was the highest ranking US official to ever be sent to jail. He was speaker of the House of Representatives for 8 years. The Speaker of the House is the third in line for the presidency, after the Vice President.

The Epstein/Maxwell saga is still unfolding, and is much deeper than most people realize. The “Filthy Rich” series on Netflix is a watered down introduction to the case, but is worth watching. Recent interviews with Maria Farmer with Jason Bermas or Shaun Attwood will give you a much deeper view and will most likely leave you asking — “why have I never heard of her before, and why is she being silenced?” You may also find yourself wondering, “why were her previous network interviews so censored?”

5) If we truly investigate child trafficking, three things come to mind:

ONE) We need to protect our children. Our children deserve justice. If we cannot protect the most vulnerable in our society — how can we possibly talk about creating a world of peace and justice?

TWO) How is it possible that the justice system in three different countries could allow this type of abuse and not prosecute the guilty or investigate the countless leads that emerged in these cases? How is it possible that the intelligence communities and media are involved in some way — not to investigate or protect the victims — but to protect the perpetrators and harass/attack the victims?

THREE) Will perpetrator politicians, and compromised corporate elite ever work for good in the world? If we have deceivers involved in the political game only for their own greed and perversion, how can we ever hope that these leaders will create positive change or actually create an effective government?