this is our time
to rise

all of us

your time
my time

we are ALL needed

many heroes have gone before us
many heroes are among us now

but this…
is OUR time

our time to STAND for the constitution
before it is shredded

our time to SPEAK for free speech
before we are silenced

our time to INSIST on election integrity
before we are dominated by tyrants

this is our time to stand for the truth

for freedom
for justice
for equality

this is a world-wide — breaking point moment

there has never been time like this in history
there may never be a time like this in the future

it is OUR time as a society
to rise to the occasion

will be too late

(updated — Feb 11, 2021)

If the emperor was not wearing any clothes, would you say so?

What if exposing the emperors nakedness meant that people would insult you?

What if telling the truth meant that you would lose your job? …

Small, closed groups with unelected members wield tremendous influence in our world.

Secret societies played a tremendous role in the history of Europe and the United States. It is a world of secret proceedings, secret oaths, and hidden allegiances.

NGO’s (non governmental agencies), round table groups, think tanks, write papers…

I used to have faith in the media. That was before curiosity got the best of me and I did a deep dive into the 6 preceding parts of this this series over 10 years ago.

Professors, authors, researchers have poured their lives into uncovering truth around these issues. Victims…

False flag operations are not only real — they are well documented. False Flag events have been used by governments and political groups for a very long time. …

Are whistle-blowers safe to speak the truth? What happened to Gary Webb when he exposed the Iran Contra Scandal? Did he get a raise? A better job? Journalism awards?

How is Julian Assange doing? Edward Snowden? Bradley Manning?

Some are able to speak. Do we listen? John Perkins, Bill Binney…

I’d like to think that the intelligence agencies of the world are mostly made of up good people, but I am not certain that is the case. The truth is, I don’t know. …

The United States owes 26 trillion dollars to a group of unnamed shareholders — and is paying back that money, with interest. In 1913 we had no national debt and no income tax.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Central banks are more dangerous than standing armies”.

Woodrow Wilson was the president used…

I saw human trafficking mentioned many times this summer. Below is a list of easily verifiable facts that everyone should be aware of.

This issue has been mixed with a lot of misinformation. But it is not hard to separate truth from facts. …

I used to believe in fairy tales. I believed them because the adults around me believed them when I was growing up. My teachers believed them also. I’m not talking about Santa Claus, the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny. …

Greybeard the 3rd

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